In Malaysia, there are an overwhelming number of new home owners. According to the survey, among the top 5 reasons on why people invest in properties are to get higher yields on rentals (56%), for good capital appreciation (55%), for retirement planning (46%), for a better environment (46%) and to own a house due to affordable pricing (36%).

Amongst home buyers, location is the most important criteria when considering a home and Klang Valley is becoming the most favoured place to own a home. Almost 55% of the participant already living in the area, with 70% of the participants are looking forward to acquire properties there.

Excessive pricing of properties is the number one deterrent for purchasing property in Malaysia amongst potential buyers. Besides that poor economic performance, the rapid increase of property prices, unpredictable real estate market and touch approval process of bank loan applications are holding back buyers to purchase a property.

There has also been a steady decline in the “overseas property sentiments” and increased interest for commercial properties.


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